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The Zen Master – Anti anxiety, anti stress

The Zen Master is the easy to use, tastes great, take it anytime, always have it on you anxiety and stress fix. A natural supplement that works for panic attacks, sleep issues and tension.

But does it work?

We’ve used it for business stress, dealing with taxi’s on the road and having a 3 year old screaming at you after waking up at 4. And yes, it works. But some guys in white coats also agree.The Zen Master is your quick shot anxiety and stress remedy. It is for morning traffic, for after work jams and for pre-meeting nerves. It’s for first tee jitters, for mind racing nights, for deadlines, and emergency phone calls. If you need to unwind or deal with screaming kids. It’s for someone recording over the season finale and for last minute cancellations.We made the Zen Master supplement with all natural ingredients that raise your happy and drop your stress. No matter the situation, you got this.The Zen Master is for morning / afternoon / evening / anytime.

But seriously, does it work?

The Zen Master has all natural ingredients:
  • Pure honey with all its health benefits for stress, anxiety and sleep issues. Honey has been proven to help anything from cuts to stomach issues to liver issues to heart issues. But we’re talking about the brain. One study showed improved memory and growth, reduced anxiety and better intellectual performance in young children.[1] Another study showed reduced anxiety and better memory as a result of taking honey. [2] There’s actually quite a lot of studies showing reduced anxiety as a result of taking honey. [3]
  • Sceletium elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, study done in Cape Town, [4] the results showed the attenuating effects of Sceletium on the threat circuitry of the human brain. Or less anxiety for people who speak English. Or we could trust the San people who have been using it for ages. Jan van Riebeek mentioned it in 1662. It is being developed as a pharmaceutical to treat depression, anxiety, drug dependence, bulimia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. [5] Indigenous people have been giving it to their babies to calm them, get them to sleep and deal with colic. And is it safe? No adverse reaction have been reported in the studies done on Sceletium in cats, dogs [6] and humans. [4] One study[7] reports “the plant is not hallucinogenic, and no severe adverse effects are known. Chronic use does not appear to result in a withdrawal state. Tinctures of the plant are useful clinically for treating anxiety, depression and stress.” So yeah, it’s safe.
  • Melissa Officinalis (lemon balm) has long been known to relieve anxiety, promote sleep, and sooth agitation.
  • Valerian root can be effective in helping to reduce anxiety and stress, lowering blood pressure and heart rate.
Ingredients: Honey, Sceletium Tortuosum, Melissa Officinalis, Valerian Officinalis.The Zen Master is a natural product and variations may occur.
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